Friday, August 24, 2007

Planning for my great escape


With god grace, things have been going as plan. My work permit, VISA, flights are confirmed. Whats left is for the DAY - 13 sept @2255.

My new life...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

At last, i have decided which notebook to purchase. Yahoo......:) Well i have choosen Dell, since it has everything that i needed and within my budget..I had to add in a 3 years international warranty since i will be going away. It is the most important thing for me. My notebook will be my portal to connect with my family and frens back at home.

My doc once said that women are destruction of computers...Computers will only break down when women are around them..Initially i object to that statement but to think abt it, how many women in the society are good with computers? What population of students in the school of IT are gerls? How many gerls are well verse with the computer programmes. I noe i am a computer idiot...i will shout for my bro if my comp break down.

hmmp myb the computers are women which needs to be handle by men only. hehehe...excuses i noe. :P has been a week since my agent have contacted me thru email. I am begining to worry. Myb the work permit was not approved
Myb they decided that it was too much a hassle to employ foreign worker and decided to cancel it
Myb i did not meet the health screening standards
Myb my police clearance did not reach london

See there are toooo many myb...Its all running thru my tiny winny brain...
I noe it is not good but i juz cnnt help it. My dear saleha please be patience, allah akan sentiasa bersama dgn org yg bersabar. Everything happen with his will. U have to believe in that gerl. It is with his will that they offer you the job. So be patience and wait. If it is meant for you it will not go away.

Ya allah,

Hmba mu ini lemah. Hamba yg buntu pertolongan mu yg maha kuasa lagi maha mengetahui. Ku mohan ke redhaan mu dlm keputusan ku utk belajar berdikari. Kau permudahkan lah process penghijrahan ku ini. Ya tuhan yg maha penyayang kau berilah ku kekuatan iman dan kesabaran
dlm menghadapi hidup ini. Tingkatkan lah ketakwaan Islam ku di dalam hati ini. jgnlah kau biarkan ku terpesong dari jln yg lurus dan benar.Padamu saja lah aku meminta dan sembah, tuhan yg maha esa. Amin.